A smart regulatory compliance app for transport businesses.

NHVR Approved EWD

Smart eDriver is an NHVR approved electronic work diary available on  Android devices. It takes compliance, safety and chain of responsibility paperless to keep your fleet safe and productive.

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Why Choose Smart eDriver? It's Simple.

Smart eDriver EWD App on Smart Phone
  • No Telematics Required

    Smart eDriver is a standalone app that doesn't require connection to the vehicle or complicated telematics systems. Simply download from the Google Play store.

  • B.Y.O. Device

    We won't lock you into a certain brand or model of device. If your phone or tablet isn't already on the NHVR approved list, we can undertake testing to get it approved for you.

  • Monthy Subscription

    A simple monthly subscription with no hidden fees. If you're a fleet manager, access to the powerful basic analytics platform is free. Low monthly charge for custom reports.

  • Australian Support

    Smart eDriver is Australian developed, owned and operated. We have reliable nationwide support if and when you need it.

Benefits for Drivers

  • Simple, easy to use interface based on the paper logbook layout, making it so easy to switch over.
  • Reduce your driver reporting time by over 50% by going paperless.
  • Leave the complex rules to us! You’ll receive automated notifications for rest breaks and potential non-compliance events, so you can focus on doing what you do best.
  • Less stop-start time, making you more productive.
  • Use the same device across different vehicles and businesses. Our EWD can accommodate multiple business profiles.

Benefits for Fleet Managers

  • Powerful business analytics web platform providing real-time driver data that enables full compliance driver scheduling.
  • Reports can be customised to a specific business need. 
  • Supports BFM ruleset as standard, with custom AFM rulesets able to be accommodated by request.
  • Contains security measures to stop data manipulation.
  • Simplifies chain of responsibility.

Suitable For Fleets or Solo Drivers

Smart eDriver is the perfect EWD solution for any Australian transport business or solo driver. Our smart fatigue management app is easy to install, easy to operate and easy to take with you – wherever you go. 


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